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Fundacion CORESA participates to win $10,000

Fundacion CORESA, Aruba's first and only organization fighting daily against colon cancer, announces its participation in Wind Creek Aruba's Long Table Video Contest. During this anual event, 4 local foundations will receive a donation of $10,000 each.

Local non-profits had the opportunity to submit a video that demonstrates their goals and their plans with the funds, and starting on May 23, the public can vote for the foundation that they deem as most deserving of the donation of $10,000.

Fundacion CORESA is proud to present its animated video, where it is made clear that they play an important role on the island. The video explains that colon cancer is one of the most common types of cancers on Aruba; it also demonstrates what you can do to take action and how Fundacion CORESA will make use of any funds they receive as a donation.

In recent years, Aruba has seen a drastic increase in colon cancer cases, while the average age of those affected keeps getting younger. The time to take action and fight back against this disease affecting us and our loved ones is now. With only 1 screening, a doctor can detect your level of risk and begin treatment for prevention. However, the reality is that the screening process on Aruba is less than optimal, which is the biggest change that Fundacion CORESA aims to bring.

The foundation aims to invest in machines that are much more capable of successfully detecting colon cancer. But Fundacion CORESA will not stop there; the next objective is to revolutionize the system completely by implementing strategies to ensure that every citizen at risk does their screening on a regular basis (every 2 years), and by spreading awareness so that individuals can recognize potential symptoms on their own. The biggest goal is to see an Aruba that is colon cancer free.

As a relatively new foundation, any support will have a significant impact. We ask for your endorsement by VOTING for Fundacion CORESA in the Long Table Video Contest. Visit to vote, and confirm via e-mail so that your vote is secured.

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